Wilfried Bony Bargains of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

We all love a bargain, none more so than on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The thing is, who offers the best value for money? Here's a few of Row Zed's favourites. Buy FIFA 15 Coins Service on
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Borussia Dortmund's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang produced some incredible skill in training this week, is there any wonder he's become a favourite on FIFA 15?
Aubameyang, who has finally managed to assert himself in Klopp's BVB plans, has become a popular target for Ultimate Team players looking for a bargain.
And while we all dream of opening that gold pack to unveil Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale or Lionel Messi, the reality is we'll probably end up getting Ben Foster and Marouane Chamakh.
So once you've saved up to that precious 7,500 coin mark, you should invest it in a couple of decent players.
Well, this lot are pretty decent. And cheap. Decent and cheap. Just like Row Zed on a first date tbh.
Wilfried Bony
For those looking to build a Premier League squad to get your chemistry up, Wilfried Bony can be snapped up for as little as 800 coins.
If you are going Premier League, then you need to stick true to English roots with a big man and a little man up front. With stats of 94 strength, unbelievable long shots and powerful headers, Bony is your big man.

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