The Beast Master in Black Desert

In addition to Black Desert, there’s almost no MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games) where a summoning class is non-existent. As far as the beast-controlling class is concerned, the Developers of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss, laughed at its community since a long time. More black desert News at
Now there is a future class that known as the “Tamer”, its existence has been featured by first screenshots and information. As this game introduced, the class can tame various monsters in the game Black Desert and use them in many ways. Unfortunately, the class’s design and implementation has proved too much difficulty so that Pearl Abyss informed players that they would not stop reworking this class until it to be playable.
But what do gamers have now? it is a brand new class named the “Beast Master”, also it is the only beast we’ve had seen it summons so far and that have shared so much with its predecessor in order to looks. This class is will be a lightweight, smart character complimenting its fighting capabilities by the magic and a short sword which is just hidden in a flute. Apparently, its main strength lies in unison with summon, allowed for an exciting fighting combo and she will come to life in the world of Black Desert at the 20th of January.

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