Five Grounds Demonstrate FIFA 15 Advantages

Sorry significant others – there is unlikely to be much time for you this autumn as FIFA 15 is released on Friday, September 26 and it’s set to be the best ever. Buy FIFA 15 Coins Service on
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The demo is already out on XBox One and PlayStation, and there’s a good selection of teams to try out, including Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City, Napoli, Barcelona, Dortmund, PSG and Boca Juniors.So why will FIFA 15 beat the rest? Read on.
1. No more nonchalance
The new Emotional Intelligence aspect of FIFA 15 will see your players display natural reactions to events on the pitch, including despairing facial expressions and emotive body language to reflect their attitudes.
This feature ensures players will be arguing like hell when one of their team mates misses an open goal in a crucial end-of-season match.
Equally they will appear genuinely thrilled on clinching the coveted Champions Cup (we all know it’s the Champions League…) after a tense penalty shoot-out.
Finally, someone to share in your glory/anguish aside from your dog.
2. Incredible stadiums
There is now no reason to make do with a generic stadium as the ‘near enough’ home of your top flight team because the game now features all 20 officially licensed Premier League grounds.
Newcomers to the game such as the Liberty Stadium, The Hawthorns and Selhurst Park will now stand proudly alongside stalwarts such as Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge.
And thanks to the new Living Pitch feature, the stadiums will feel more alive than ever before, with realistic wear and tear on the pitches, shaking crossbars and animated advertising boards.
3. Great sounds
To compliment the new array of stadiums, the developers have travelled to genuine Premier League matches to record realistic crowd chants, cheers and club-specific songs to inject even more realism into the game.
After all, it’s not the Etihad unless you see the Poznan, or Anfield until you hear a rousing rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone, and in this game you’ll find both.
4. Real goalkeepers
Well, more realistic than in previous versions, with vastly improved goalkeeper AI and more than 50 new animations to really make them feel like less of an afterthought and more like a real member of your beloved fifa 15 coins team.
The changes should mean your number one will be able to make better decisions, read the flight of the ball and ultimately make better saves, while more realistic shot stopping will give attackers different opportunities to pounce on an unexpected rebound.
5. More control, agility and physicality
Various tweaks to the game’s engine will allow for attackers to express themselves in new ways with perfect close control, cat-like agility and electric acceleration, allowing the best in the world to show why they are the best in the world.
But defenders need not be worried as they will enjoy the new physical aspects of the game, including shoulder barges, shirt pulling and realistic fall technology.


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