Details of Barcelona Against Rayo Vallecano

At 19:00 on March 8th, Barcelona will face Rayo Vallecano at the Nou Camp. Because Real Madrid have been the end of the game earlier 0-1 loss to Athletic Bilbao, so long as the winner will overtake Barcelona in the standings. Neymar and Busquets will miss the game. Buy FIFA 15 Coins Online.
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Team News
Busquets in midweek King's Cup semi-final was injured, although his ankle injury is not serious, but for protective reasons, coach Luis - Enrique did not allow him to participate in this week's La Liga. Enrique said: "We have enough players in depth, capable midfielder Javier Mascherano, this is his familiar position, Harvey, Roberto and Rakitic can." Neymar last week La Liga eat five yellow cards this season, so the absence of this league suspension.
Rayo Vallecano, the Portugal defender Castro and their midfield Baena are suspended, while Ghanaian Mohammed - Fata Wu and injured goalkeeper Nino. In addition there are three absent for quite some time back to the players in the squad, they are Mexican winger Javier - Alberto Nino, Argentina left back Amy Leigh Arnold - Yin Sue and Senegal defender Abdoulaye - Pakistan.
Countless pairs of eyes will be glued to Mascherano, who will replace the injured Busquets, as the Barcelona defensive midfielder. Neymar's absence means that Barcelona striker Pedro will become the starting staff. Enrique said before the game: "Pedro is very good, one very capable, but also have the ability to score." Of course, the Uruguayan striker Luis - Luis Suarez must also be concerned about, he scored five in the last five games ball.
Rayo Vallecano most noteworthy players Alberto - Bueno, in last week's 4-2 win over Levante in the game, the Spanish striker local time at 14 minutes of the team arranged all 4 goals, tying Bebeto in 1995 to create the shortest period of time La Liga "big four" record.
31 times the two teams played against history, all from the La Liga match, Rayo Vallecano 4 wins, 8 draws and 19 losses, scoring 25 goals to lose 92 balls, Rayo Vallecano last beat Barcelona in the 2002/03 season, the first 13, was Battle beat Barcelona 1-0 Rayo Vallecano, then eight times the two teams clash Barca unbeaten, the first leg of the season, Barca Messi and Neymar virtue of the away goals 2-0 win over Rayo Vallecano.
The two sides last 8 games against Barcelona this season, in addition to the first leg victory just two goals and seven times greater than or equal to Barca scored three goals, scored a total of 32 goals, including two 4-0, 5-0,6- 0 and 7-0 each game. Barcelona Zuozhen home game, Rayo Vallecano red and blue army can avoid being Kuangtu it? In addition, since the first round match, Real Madrid, Barcelona and therefore in any case have to get three points in this round.

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